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Clinical Professionals

You’re on the front lines, working with patients to ease their fears, answer their questions and be a liaison with the physicians and other staff. You’re behind the scenes, ensuring the tools and rooms are ready for exams, procedures or complex surgeries. With energy and dedication, you’ll be a vital link between our nurses and staff to provide exceptional compassion and care to those in need. You’ll experience a friendly, team-first culture where employees are valued by leadership, have a voice in what they do, and are supported every step of the way. And with more than 500 sites of care, there’s never a shortage of growth opportunities.

Quality of Care

Feel in-control and empowered, using your skills to provide the very best care. We count on your expertise in caring for patients and their families – and in return, we’ll ensure that you can count on us. We’re here to guide you to long-term success. Because you’re essential to them, and to us.


You are at the center of patient care at Advocate Aurora, with an interprofessional team of doctors, technicians, nurses and more at your side to provide the best patient outcomes. And when you need them most, you can rely on your team to support and empower you to be at your compassionate best.

Our team members

“The job is not just to look cute in a uniform, you actually have to put in some work.”

– Lakeisha
Medical Assistant

Meet Lakeisha

A dedicated team member and mother, Lakeisha shares what its like to be a medical assistant – the engine of the clinic.

Clinical Professional Roles

Certified Nursing Assistant

Work directly with patients and their families, helping those in need under the wing of an RN or LPN. As an Advocate Aurora nursing aide, you’ll begin to see your career as a health care provider evolve and take shape, paving your path forward.

Medical Assistant / Licensed Practical Nurse

Help patients feel at ease and play a crucial role at any facility by communicating the information and providing the services and assistance they require. Have a meaningful impact on patient care in a variety of specialty areas.

Surgical Services

Our world-renowned surgeons are successful, in part, because of the team of detail-oriented, patient-focused sterile processing technicians, surgical techs and surgical assistants.

New Graduates

We view you as a professional, meaning you’ll almost always begin your career in a hospital. You’ll have your own practice and be involved in decision-making as we coach and mentor you. Throughout, you’ll have individualized plans to become the nurse you want to be.

Patient Care Support

Advocate Aurora’s variety of specialized Patient Care Assistant positions within outpatient and inpatient settings enable you to assist with procedures, tests and surgeries. As a CNA, technician or assistant, you’ll shine with respiratory therapy, stress tests, cardiac tests, and sterile processing.