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Opportunities for Students and Grads

Whether you’re in high school and exploring your career options or gaining practical work experience after earning an advanced degree, or anywhere in between, Advocate Aurora Health has a variety of internship opportunities to help you meet your goals. Each internship is a little different – some are for a summer, while others last a year or more; each requires differing levels of completed education; and each are led by different departments within the organization.

Department Internships

Administrative Intern

Advocate Aurora Health offers space for several Administrative Interns each summer for a 10-week program. The opportunity provides practical work experience, embedded in one of our hospitals, while enhancing the individual’s professional competencies and knowledge. Each intern completes a major project in one of the four areas: Finance, Quality / Safety, Hospital Operations, or Strategic Planning.

Administrative Fellow

The Advocate Aurora Health Administrative Fellowship is a 13-month post-graduate training program that equips professionals at the beginning of their careers to excel as leaders of health care institutions. The preceptor-directed fellowship is predominantly project-based and allows for the fellow to participate in various initiatives throughout Advocate Aurora’s integrated health system comprised of 27 hospitals and more than clinics. Learn more about fellowship opportunities in Illinois and Wisconsin.


Advocate Aurora’s Workforce Development team sponsors up to 20 undergraduate interns every summer in the areas of Human Resources; Health Information Technology; Finance; Brand, Consumer Experience & Public Affairs and Healthcare Administration. Each internship gives exposure to the corporate health care environment, project work, job shadows, department and leadership meetings, mentoring, professional development events and networking opportunities, evaluations and social events. These internships are paid and can be found on our Job Search page when doing a keyword search for “intern.” Our summer internships are posted from January – February. We conduct screenings and interviews and make final offers in March for summer internships.


The internship programs at Advocate Aurora Health help students at any point of their Doctor of Pharmacy program to acquire the necessary skills to be successful future residents and pharmacists. Most internships are year-long, though summer programs may be available. Internships in our inpatient, outpatient and retail pharmacies offer challenging positions aimed at tying in didactic education with real-life experiences in every type of specialty or scenario. Students can expect to utilize their education and leverage the resources of a large, integrated health care organization during their internship, helping to set them up for future success.


Over the past five years, the Aurora Research Institute has supported more than 80 new and returning students through its Milwaukee area summer internship and summer research fellows programs, as well as the Aurora BayCare research internship program in Green Bay. Interns receive expert mentorship from renowned researchers in the fields of cancer, cardiovascular disease, neuroscience and other emerging areas. Clinical, laboratory-based and professional opportunities are available, helping students to gain valuable insights to different research components through grand rounds seminars, mentorship experiences and capstone projects.


Credit Based Programs

Advocate Aurora Health works with many colleges and universities to offer unpaid internships in which the student receives course credits based on the hours worked in a hands-on learning environment. Because each school, program and department may differ in their requirements and expectations, there is no one-size-fits all approach for these internships. Contact your school’s career services department to learn more and to see if they currently have a partnership established with Advocate Aurora.