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Corporate Professionals

Advocate Advocate Aurora Health’s ability to help others live well starts with you. It takes a strong team of professionals managing and coordinating the business strategy, resources, quality, efficiency and standardization, to keep staff and equipment working and functioning effectively. Through collaboration and leadership, you’ll help us grow as a national leader among health care systems.

Career Growth

At Advocate Advocate Aurora, we recruit nationally, which means we recognize you as one of the best and brightest in your field. Within our walls, we foster a culture of teamwork, open dialogue, active listening, and provide ongoing opportunities, resources, and support for your growth. Advocate Advocate Aurora values your life outside our facilities, too, so you’ll have plenty of time for family and friends while evolving as a professional and growing your career.

Our team members

“The TA team believes in and supports our purpose of helping people live well. Their efforts and dedication were key to the work that won the award, but how much they care is what makes me most proud.”

– Naomi Dolohanty
System Vice President Talent Acquisition

Our teams are award winning

In July 2020, the Advocate Aurora Health talent acquisition team was named to the Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource 2020 Elite Honor Roll. Selection was based on quantifiable evidence that they perform within the top five percent of health care recruitment teams across the U.S. In addition to the full team award, four Advocate Aurora recruiters were named to the 2020 Elite Honor Roll Recruiters list.

Corporate Affairs, Compliance and Legal

You’ll monitor, investigate and resolve issues affecting the safety and security of data and information, provide training to business partners, and play an active role in policy and procedure development at Advocate Aurora. With your expertise in compliance and legal matters, patients and hospital staff can rest easy knowing their medical records are in good hands.

Our legal team works to promote the achievement of Advocate Aurora’s business objectives while appropriately managing legal and regulatory risks, establishing uniform standards and a consistent approach to legal issues throughout the system. You’ll ensure proper legal review and approval of transactions and other legal matters, make sure all activities are carried out in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and rules and defend the organization in legal proceedings, as well as determine appropriate access and use of outside legal counsel.

Finance & Accounting

The tools and resources you provide lay a strong financial foundation to receive the best outcomes. Fiscal responsibility starts with you, as your skills ensure Advocate Aurora allocates and spends budgets appropriately. Train leaders on financial management and best practices to make certain all colleagues understand the impact of their decisions and actions.


Our physicians and team members rely on the Advocate Aurora Foundation to innovate new and leading models of care and to help patients and people in the communities we serve to thrive. Through direct appeals, annual giving campaigns, patient giving, special events and the team member focused Give Well Campaign, you’ll help showcase all the good we do to draw donors in and meet fundraising goals.

Human Resources

Be the expert who sets up talented people to succeed in their perfect position. Ensure teams operate to their fullest potential as you build and supplement departments with the best and brightest. The benefits you provide will keep team members and their families healthy, and your research will lead to fair and competitive compensation for their hard work.

Brand, Consumer Experience and Public Affairs

You’ll help tell the story of Advocate Aurora’s amazing service and outstanding team members, internally and externally. With your industry knowledge and excellent communication skills, you’ll ensure we’re reaching and connecting with our target audiences and members of the community in an effective and authentic manner to drive intended results.


Optimize how Advocate Aurora delivers patient care with your direction and vision. You’ll guide the organization to focus on exceptional service, while implementing creative strategies for team members to engage with patients. Linking your strategies and initiatives to Advocate Aurora’s goals and vision will result in quality healthcare that’s safe and efficient to achieve desired outcomes.

Supply Chain

Advocate Aurora’s supply chain is supported by exceptional professionals with varied backgrounds. At the highest level, our teams focus on the areas of sourcing, capital equipment planning, operations, logistics and advanced analytics. As a member of the team, you’ll be fully integrated with world renowned care providers (doctors, nurses and service lines) working through sourcing and capital strategies.

Work with counterparts in the medical groups, operations, finance, accounting and revenue cycle to develop leading edge analytic solutions. Your work will help drive improvements by reducing touches, increasing service levels, achieving pride popping customer satisfaction scores and continuously delivering cost profiles that are among the best in the nation.