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Research Institute

Be at the forefront of medical research and technology. When you join our research team, you’ll be part of an environment where you’re encouraged to explore new ideas autonomously to do your job to the best of your abilities. Make breakthrough medical discoveries, new treatments and cutting-edge diagnostic tools with the Advocate Aurora Research Institute. You’ll help set us apart with your dependability, attention to detail and interpretation of data to cultivate lifesaving efforts that have a tangible, positive impact on our patients’ lives.

As a scientist, clinical trial coordinator, analyst, technician, programmer, or a number of other vital roles at Advocate Aurora, you’ll help contribute to groundbreaking medical innovation. You’ll be advancing care in a growing number of areas, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurological disorders, offering patients hope for the future. Be part of a team that contributes to hundreds of prestigious, peer-reviewed journals with state-of-the-art imagine equipment, including a high-magnification (confocal) microscope.