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Research Institute

Research Institute

At Advocate Aurora Research Institute, now part of Advocate Health, we’re transforming care to improve health and quality of life across the entire life span, from infants to older adults. Helping people live well through research is our primary focus. ​

When you join our research team, you’ll be contributing to groundbreaking discoveries in a collaborative and dynamic environment. We value creativity, curiosity and a passion for pushing the boundaries of knowledge. We provide an inspiring platform for individuals to thrive, making impactful contributions to the forefront of research and a positive impact on our patients’ lives.

As a scientist, clinical trial coordinator, analyst, technician, programmer, or a number of other vital roles at Advocate Aurora Research Institute, you’ll help contribute to groundbreaking medical innovation. You’ll be advancing care in a growing number of areas, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurological disorders, offering patients hope for the future.