Find the career path that’s right to you


Your knowledge as a forward-thinking member of the pharmacy team helps continue care after diagnosis and procedures. You’ll collaborate with other dedicated professionals committed to treating the whole patient, and train the next generation of pharmacists to give around-the-clock support, as you provide highly sought-after expertise with clinical departments across the Advocate Aurora system.

Work-Life Balance

Because we have pharmacies throughout our expansive system, we have a wide variety of pharmacy positions to meet your personal needs. From full-time to casual/as-needed; first, second or third shift; and in settings from specialized clinics to large hospitals, in areas rural, metro and everywhere in between.

Quality of Care

Make a large-scale impact on patient outcomes by optimizing and monitoring medication use on a daily basis. Your ability to foster a safe and effective environment for improving health while controlling cost will ensure a high level of quality care.

Pharmacy Roles

Pharmacy Technician

As a key part of the pharmacy team, pharmacy technicians at Advocate Aurora Health help to provide efficient, quality and safe patient care. Pharmacy technicians have the opportunity to work in advanced roles, serve as leaders to their peers and grow in their career as a technician.

Pharmacy Intern

Get the skills you need and the hands-on experience that will take you to the next level in your career. Work with pharmacists to learn and develop professionally in a variety of clinical pharmacy specialties.

Pharmacy Resident

With several primary training sites and many different training programs available, team members completing pharmacy residency programs at Advocate Aurora gain the best of both worlds: the abundant resources of a dynamic, fully integrated health care system, plus the ability to customize your residency experience based on your individual needs and interests. Learn more about our program by visiting the Pharmacy Residency page in Wisconsin or Illinois.


Advocate Aurora gives you the ability to advance as a clinical or staff pharmacist through eight unique post-graduate training programs, and several areas of specialty, including oncology, critical care, cardiology, and more.

Pharmacy Leadership

Take the next step into a supervisory or management position at Advocate Aurora. Serving as a pharmacy leader with Advocate Aurora Health Care allows you to provide impactful benefit both at an individual site and system level. You’ll have plenty of leadership and preceptorship opportunities available to take you to the next level in your career.