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As an Advocate Aurora therapist, you’ll guide patients of all ages to achieve ongoing health, wellness and self-satisfaction by providing care in multiple specialty areas – including orthopedics, sports injury/medicine, work conditioning, wellness, neurological conditions, geriatrics, cardiopulmonary conditions, pediatrics, cancer care, pelvic health, trauma care, cancer care and more.

Our multiple settings within one system allow you to work with adult or pediatric patients in acute care hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, outpatient settings, outpatient day programs, or home health with opportunities available throughout a large geographic region.

You will experience and contribute to a highly collaborative environment, teaming with each other, physicians and other specialists, and always employing the latest research, techniques and technologies that inspire the best possible outcomes. You can work with students, participate in research projects, and grow professionally by earning professional certifications and advanced degrees with company support.


Be part of a team that focuses on patient care while working at the top of your license. Clerical aides help set up appointments and handle paperwork, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Your use of Epic system-wide allows for easy transfer of patient information and streamlined communication throughout the organization. From reading orders and prescriptions to keeping in contact with nurses and physicians to determine the best course of care, the best patient outcomes come through collaboration.

Career Growth

You’ll receive the tools, support and mentoring you desire to grow into your career at Advocate Aurora. With opportunities to take on-site courses at low or no cost, you’ll be able to expand your knowledge and keep your certifications up to date, while treating inpatient, outpatient or patients who are at home.

Our team members

“Initially we see these patients at one of the worst times in their lives, where they have been isolated in the hospital and fighting for their life. It is such a special thing to watch these patients progress and begin to gain their independence back.”

– Erin Mangin
Acute Rehab Occupational Therapist

Returning patients to their prepandemic life

From reteaching everyday activities to being the patients’ biggest cheerleaders, acute rehab therapists play a vital role in giving COVID-19 patients their lives back. Erin, acute rehab occupational therapist, and Bridget, acute rehab physical therapist, have been on the frontlines of the pandemic from the start. As the acute rehab unit at Advocate Christ Medical Center quickly turned into the destination for COVID-19 positive patients, both Mangin and Neylon put aside their fear and jumped in to help.

Rehabilitation Roles

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Help patients with mobility and every day movements to maintain their quality of life. As a physical or occupational therapist, you’ll work within in-patient, outpatient or home settings, guiding patients toward recovery. From therapy aides to leadership, Advocate Aurora allows you to operate at the top of your license, while helping you grow and evolve your career.

Speech Therapy

Evaluate and execute the appropriate treatment for patients, while emphasizing quality of care, continuity of service, and cost effectiveness. Your skills and experience will be put to work with medically prescribed speech and language therapy. You’ll establish care plans that help patients gain the confidence they need to achieve results through in-home and community programs, family teaching, equipment, and more.

Athletic Trainer

You’ll work with athletes and fitness enthusiasts to keep them performing at the top of their game. Through medically prescribed training, injury assessments, plans for care, and referrals for additional tests or services as needed, your expertise will ensure their physical and psychological comfort, both immediately and long term.

Clerical and Support

As a member of Advocate Aurora’s clinical staff, you’ll provide a wide range of support to keep the rehabilitation department functioning smoothly. Whether you’re scheduling appointments, handling paperwork, or setting up equipment, your role is key to the therapists’ and patients’ success.